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Ventis 304L Tees: Galvalume Outer

Ventis 304L Tees: Galvalume Outer

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Available in both Painted Black or Galvalume finish.

The Tee Cap on both style tees is sealed and easily removable with a nut driver.

Stove Adapter Tees connect directly to the appliance which eliminates the need for a stove adapter.

Tee cap included with every tee.

Stove Adapter Tee with Cap: 4" to 3":

4" body and 3" take-off that connects directly to the stove.

Pellet Clean-Out Tee with Cap:

Tee comes with a removable door on the back for easy cleaning access. 

4" Pellet Tee with 3" Pipe Take-Off:

This part is used to switch from 3" Pellet Pipe to 4" Pellet Pipe. 

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