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American Chimney Shroud

Old England Chimney Shroud - Kynar Steel

Old England Chimney Shroud - Kynar Steel

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The Old England Chimney Shroud is a perfect way to add elegance to the exterior of your home. Your neighbors will admire the beauty of your new chimney shroud. Choose from one of the Kynar 500 finishes, and your chimney shroud will provide the perfect complement to your home!

Shrouds are available in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes. Our Kynar shrouds can last up to 20 years but are not corrosion proof. Many factors influence their lifetime from the local environment to the method of installation.

If you would like a color shroud that our Kynar colors do not match exactly then we recommend choosing the Kynar color closest to the color you need. You can then repaint the shroud with the color of your choosing and you will maintain the integrity of the Kynar’s corrosion resistant nature.

  • Basic Style: Open Top
  • UL Classified, MH30042
  • Available in: Kynar Steel
  • Chimney Mount - Top Mount
  • Available in three sizes

Note:Custom sizes are available. Contact our sales team for more information!

  • Type: Chimney Shroud
  • Mounting Type: Top
  • Material: Kynar Steel
  • Width: 30" | 34" | 50"
  • Depth: 34" | 70" | 50"
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