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Legacy Single Access Door

Legacy Single Access Door

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The 23920-S is a Legacy Single Access Door designed with a sleek single wall construction. Featuring the most economical style and the versatility of left or right access, the door is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and has a black latch handle for opening convenience. Embellish your backyard as you compliment your barbecue set up with an additional luxurious accessory that will help radiate the richness in your oasis.

Also Available:  

  • Model #: 23918-S Cut-out: 18½”h x 12½”w
  • Model #: 23924-S Cut-out: 24½”h x 17½”w
  • Model #: 23920-1-S with louvers  Cut-out: 20½”h x 14½”w
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