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American Fireglass

1/2” Lavender Fire Beads - 10 lbs.

1/2” Lavender Fire Beads - 10 lbs.

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1/2” Lavender Fire Beads

Lavender is a unique color that has a luxurious appeal to it. It is a striking color that evokes many emotions such as romance and youthfulness. If you want to add a tinge of lavender to your fire feature then our Lavender fire beads are the perfect choice for you.

Our fire beads collection is a favorite among homeowners and designers alike because of its unmatched radiance and elegance. From this collection, we bring you the lavender fire beads that can bring the youthful beauty of the flowers to your fire feature.

It is a perfect choice for homes with a color scheme that is dominated by shades of purple or neutral colors. You can mix lavender fire beads with our glacier ice fire beads to create an even more interesting look for the fireplace.

It is the perfect replacement for the traditional fire fillers such as fire stones and ceramic logs due to its efficiency and ease of cleaning and maintenance. It does not emit any nasty smoke, soot, or ash that you will have to clean after every use. It does not emit any carbon fumes that can affect the health and well being of your family members.

You can find our lavender fire beads with all leading retailers. The list of dealers is available on our website. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, just follow the link on our website.

1/2” Lavender Fire Beads Specifications


  • Material: Tempered glass put through a unique silica infusion process
  • Color: Lavender
  • Use: In fire bowls, fire pits, and fireplaces
  • Size: 1/2 inch thick
  • Heat Rating: Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones, etc.
  • Quality Control: Stringent multi-step QC encompassing polishing, sifting, and packaging in the USA
  • Cleaning: Easy cleaning, Rinse with vinegar and water (50:50) as required
  • Maintenance: Remove any kind of debris before lighting – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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