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American Chimney Shroud

Hip and Ridge Chimney Cap - Galvanized Steel

Hip and Ridge Chimney Cap - Galvanized Steel

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The Hip and Ridge Chimney Cap features a fresh take on a classic design. It is made to cover the entire chimney for complete protection. It features mesh on all four sides, which will prevent animals from entering your chimney. Features:
  • Available in: Galvanized Steel
  • Crown Mount: Top Mount
  • Available in three sizes

Multi Flue caps provide complete protection for your chimney flue and chimney crown. They cover the entire top of your chimney. This prevents rain water from entering your flue or soaking into your chimney crown.

Note:Custom sizes are available. Contact our sales team for more information!

  • Type: Multi-Flue
  • Mounting Type: Top
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Width: 30" | 34" | 50"
  • Depth: 34" | 70" | 50"
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