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Hargrove Woodland Timbers Vented Radiant Gas Log Set

Hargrove Woodland Timbers Vented Radiant Gas Log Set

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The Hargrove Woodland Timbers Vented Radiant Gas Log Set offers beautifully texted logs with charred fiber chunks that glow red hot in the center of the ember bed - creating a realistic log look. These logs expand the ember-glow viewing area, allowing abundant heat to come into the living space.

These logs are in the Radiant Heat series are constructed of ceramic fiber. Ceramic fiber contributes to the outstanding radiant heating characteristics of both log models in this series and also adds a warm, natural glow to many areas of the fire, further enhancing the set's realism. The Radiant Riser technology directs the heat from the burner forward and out into the room, creating radiant heat output comparable to vent-free, with the natural beauty of vented logs.


  • Available in 21 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, and 36 inch sizes
  • Ceramic fiber construction
  • Realistic log design
  • Type: Gas Log Set
  • Log Set Width: 21" | 24" | 30"
  • Location: Indoor
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Material: Ceramic Fiber
  • Style: Oak
  • Certification: ANSI Certified | RGA2-72
  • Heat Output: 63,000 BTUs | 70,000 BTUs | 80,000 BTUs | 46,000 BTUs | 78,000 BTUs | 79,000 BTUs | 90,000 BTUs
  • Venting Type: Vented
  • Overall Width: 21" | 24" | 30"
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