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Hargrove Magnificent Inferno Vented Gas Log Set

Hargrove Magnificent Inferno Vented Gas Log Set

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The Hargrove Magnificent Inferno Vented Gas Log Set offers massive logs, with a lot of charring, and heavy, richly detailed bark. The Magnificent Inferno is defined by large two-piece front logs that create an impressive flame/ember viewing area. Thick bark texture and a detailed burned through area add to the realism. The top logs are a combination of charred logs and Western Pine split logs. The result is a fire that appears an hour or two old, with new wood just added. Brilliant flame patterns are created with these logs and burner combined.

This log set allows you to customize the burning look of the logs by selecting from two different burners and multiple ignition types. Each burner is available with a factory installed safety pilot, latchtop pilot with remote control, millivolt pilot with wall switch or variable fame with remote control. Match lit systems are available in natural gas only.


  • Refractory clay with mesh reinforcement
  • Single tube or H-tube burner styles
  • Hearth kits include: burner, grate, silica sand or vermiculite, embers, cinders, fitting and connector
  • Type: Gas Log Set
  • Log Set Width: 21" | 24" | 30" | 36"
  • Location: Indoor
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Material: Refractory Clay
  • Style: Oak
  • Certification: ANSI Certified | RGA2-72
  • Heat Output: 63,000 BTUs | 70,000 BTUs | 80,000 BTUs | 46,000 BTUs | 78,000 BTUs | 79,000 BTUs | 90,000 BTUs
  • Venting Type: Vented
  • Overall Width: 21" | 24" | 30" | 36"
  • Overall Depth: 24" | 30" | 21"
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