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Hargrove Cross Timbers Vented Radiant Gas Log Set

Hargrove Cross Timbers Vented Radiant Gas Log Set

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The Hargrove Cross Timbers Vented Radiant Gas Log Set is part of the Radiant Heat series so, not only does this log set look great, it is also designed to redirect heat that is escaping through the chimney out the front of the fireplace opening! The secret is the intentional design of the radiant log at the rear of the log set which traps the heat and pushes it out of the natural draft pattern into your home. The Cross Timber features substantial front logs, heavy bark, abundant charring and warm glow deep within the heart of the log set, for a striking look. This set is available in 21 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch with either a natural gas or propane configuration.

The ceramic fiber construction contributes to the outstanding radiant heating characteristics of both log models in this series and also adds a warm, natural glow to many areas of the fire, further enhancing the set's realism. The Radiant Riser technology directs the heat from the burner forward and out into the room, creating radiant heat output comparable to vent-free, with the natural beauty of vented logs.


  • Radiates more heat than traditional vented log sets
  • Ceramic fiber construction
  • Realistic design
  • Type: Gas Log Set
  • Log Set Width: 21" | 24" | 30" | 36"
  • Location: Indoor
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Material: Ceramic Fiber
  • Style: Oak
  • Certification: ANSI Certified | RGA2-72
  • Heat Output: 63,000 BTUs | 70,000 BTUs | 80,000 BTUs | 46,000 BTUs | 78,000 BTUs | 79,000 BTUs | 90,000 BTUs
  • Venting Type: Vented
  • Overall Width: 21" | 24" | 30" | 36"
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