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HandyViper with 50' Rod

HandyViper with 50' Rod

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The HandyViper packs a real punch when teamed with our Viper Flat Wire brushes. Use it to clean small- to medium-sized chimneys as well as exhaust and gas vents and other smaller ventilation ducts. Check out why the HandyViper will make a perfect addition to your chimney-cleaning tools:

  • Makes chimney cleaning easier with a rod that is fed out and retracted for sweeping the chimney - then is coiled into its steel basket
  • Weighs only 4 lbs.
  • Can be clipped onto your belt or held securely by its folding handgrip
  • Comes pre-assembled for your convenience
  • Is flexible enough to comfortably negotiate offsets
  • Features an adjustable center safety brake for controlling the feed of the continuous rod
  • Comes with an adaptor for all Viper brushes
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