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Ray Murray

Empire Tahoe Clean Face Direct Vent Fireplace Premium 36"(Millivolt)

Empire Tahoe Clean Face Direct Vent Fireplace Premium 36"(Millivolt)

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White Mountain Hearth Tahoe direct-vent fireplaces draw in fresh outside air to support combustion and exhaust combustion by-products to the outdoors.

The Tahoe’s vent-within-a-vent isolates the incoming fresh air from the exhaust, yet still requires just a single hole through the wall or roof. This makes them attractive, reliable heat sources for any home.

Many Tahoe fireplaces are heater rated, with a maximum Steady State Efficiency of up to 82 percent for Deluxe and Premium and 85 percent for Luxury models. Louvers at the top and bottom help circulate the warmed air. All controls are discreetly concealed behind the lower panel.

The fireplace’s simple, elegant design features hem-bent seams that seal better and eliminate dozens of screws and fasteners – for a more rigid box that eliminates installation headaches.

All models include glowing embers and lava rock for the ultimate in realism. Fireplace barrier screens, required for all direct-vent systems, protect you and your family from inadvertently touching the hot glass.

Fireplace Framing Dimensions:

Height 47 1/4"  x Width 37 3/4" x Depth 17 1/4"


•     Burner w/ Expanded Ember Bed
•     9-Piece Log Set
•     Rustic Brick Fireplace Brick Floor
•     Manually Variable Valve
•     Fireplace Barrier Screen Included

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