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Carol Rose Traditional Gas Outdoor Fireplace

Carol Rose Traditional Gas Outdoor Fireplace

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Featuring a modern stainless steel facade paired with traditional refractory liners, a Wildwood Refractory Gas Log Set, and Harmony Burner, the Carol Rose Traditional Outdoor Gas Fireplace is just what you need to complete your outdoor living area! The clean, classic look and sleek stainless steel finish complement both traditional and modern outdoor spaces while providing a charming place to gather.

The outdoor-rated Harmony Burner produces 50,000 BTUs and can be configured with a millivolt or intermittent pilot (IP) control system to fit your needs. The millivolt control system features a standing pilot that is always ready to light, while the IP system eliminates the standing pilot to save energy and reduce emissions. The IP system also includes a variable remote for convenient control over the fire.

Ruggedly built to withstand the elements, the Carol Rose Traditional Outdoor Gas Fireplace offers you a long-lasting solution to your outdoor fire needs. Optional easy-open, folding glass doors prevent leaves and debris from entering the burner area while an optional drain tray controls and redirects any moisture that collects beneath the firebox. For even greater protection, an optional stainless steel cover is available to completely enclose the fireplace and ensure it stays protected from harsh weather when not in use.


  • Durable, stainless steel construction
  • Harmony Burner produces 50,000 BTUs of heat
  • Millivolt or intermittent pilot system available
  • Includes liner, burner, firebox, controls, and mesh screen
  • Valve and controls are concealed beneath the fireplace floor
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Type: Insert/Firebox
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Ignition: Millivolt | Intermittent Pilot
  • Certification: UL Listed
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Overall Height: 41 7/8" | 42 1/8"
  • Overall Depth: 19 1/4" | 19 13/16"
  • Firebox Width: 36" | 40"
  • Item Weight: 161 lbs. | 170 lbs.
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