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American Fireglass

1/4" Champagne Reflective Fire Glass - 10 lbs.

1/4" Champagne Reflective Fire Glass - 10 lbs.

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If your clients enjoy the warm and cozy glow of a good fire, then our Champagne Reflective fire glass will amplify the glow and help to further enhance their experience.

Our 1/4" Champagne Reflective fire glass is the perfect choice for creating an ambient glow infused by the warm richness of champagne and fire. Your clients are sure to enjoy the way the flames bounce and reflect off the edges of the beautiful glass, completely transforming and enriching the ambiance of the surroundings, whether indoors or outdoors.

Furthermore, your clients will have to spend very little time cleaning the glass pieces as they do not give off any smoke, ash, or soot.

Introduce your clients to our amazing 1/4" Champagne Fire glass today!


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