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Fire Glass Plus

1/2" Goldrush Reflective Fire Glass - 10 lbs.

1/2" Goldrush Reflective Fire Glass - 10 lbs.

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Imagine a bright red and yellow fire, burning near a treasure chest full of gold. Imagine the flames dancing upon and reflecting off the golden coins, playing upon the walls and ceilings of the room. What a spectacular effect! Now, your clients can replicate this effect in their own fireplace with our 1/4" gold reflective fire glass!

This brilliant fire glass is sure to enchant all onlookers whether used indoors in a fireplace or outdoors in a fire pit. Unlit, the glass is reminiscent of scattered blocks of ice. Once under fire, the effect is just magical; the reflective glass looks like glittering, melting ice, which has been miraculously set alight. What a display!

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