Wood Stove Installation from Chimney Cricket

Wood stoves offer safe, quality and clean-burning heating performance. They are designed to provide you not only with outstanding heating qualities and high-tech efficiency, but with low emissions as well. Trust your wood stove installation to the experts at Chimney Cricket. We carry wood stoves as pedestal models or with legs, both with your choice of painted black or gleaming 24 karat gold plated doors. We also have wood stoves available in almond, green or black porcelain enamel that feature 24 karat gold plated louvers as well as the traditional painted black leg models that increase cooking efficiency thanks to a larger surface area. Leg options include contemporary painted black steel legs or ornamental cast iron legs – 24 karat gold plated or painted black.

Fireplace Insert Installation from Chimney Cricket

A fireplace insert is a modified wood stove that has been fabricated to fit within the firebox of a traditional stone or brick fireplace. Fireplace inserts convert inefficient fireplaces into high performance stove-like heating systems. Fireplace insert installation from Chimney Cricket ensures that nearly all of the heat produced in the fireplace insert is delivered into the room instead of being absorbed by the stone or brick like in a traditional fireplace. Decorative faceplates cover the fireplace insert to give your fireplace a truly customized look.