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Services Offered

Chimney Inspection
Chimney Cleaning
Chimney Repair
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Chimney Liner Installation
Fireplace Damper Repair
Limestone Fireplace Installation
Chimney Caps and Custom Chimney Caps
Chimney Flashing

TextGutter Cleaning and Repair
Masonry Work and Repair
Gas Log Tune-Ups
Fireplace Insert Installation
Wood Fireplaces
Porch Repair
Brick Repair
And Many More!

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Our fast and quality work, extensive experience, and many satisfied customers all attest to the fact that Chimney Cricket in Venice, FL is the best chimney service company for homeowners and commercial businesses alike. Please contact us to enlist a Chimney Cricket expert to complete your fireplace, masonry or chimney work today.Chimney Cricket is a proud to support a team of CSIA certified chimney professionals. Our specialist are trained to perform a variety of services including chimney relining, tuckpointing, the installation of fireplace mantels, fireplace damper repairs, ventless fireplace installation, and much more.

Hearth Services

Fireplace services include replacing a grate in your firebox that rusts out or burns through. Solving your downdraft problem is another issues homeowners face that can be easily resolved by our company. Gas Logs, Gas Inserts, Wood Stoves, Wood Inserts we got you covered. Sometimes customers want to create a new look or update their fireplace. Chimney Cricket understands that fireplaces are a critical point to every home, in fact its the only investment you can make in a home with a 100 percent return on your investment. Fireplace Glass Doors and Screens create a nice addition to any home, we carry a full line of chimney products and fireplace products to tackle any of your updates. We can make custom arch doors or factory built glass doors.

Chimney Services

Chimney Services mostly deal with the top of the chimney or interior of the chimney. Chimney caps are one of the services most requested by our customers. Chimney caps keep un-wanted animals and harmful rain water from getting to the inside of your chimney. Another service is chimney liners, chimney liners create a new life for inside of chimney's having a stainless steel chimney liner installed can give you years of life for your existing chimney. Chimney leaks can cause homeowners grief by destroying drywall and causing mold. Chimney cricket can handle any of you chimney leaking issues. Chimney Flashing is a great service provided by Chimney Cricket, from custom flashing, copper flashing, saddles or crickets we can keep you dry!

Masonry Services

Masonry Services can benefit a customer who is in need of chimney repair, porch repair or any brickwork. Damaged brick needs to be addressed. We are masters at matching brick and mortar. From big jobs to small tuck-pointing work we have your solution. Stucco repair is also something that we handle at Chimney Cricket. Stucco repairs require detail and texture matching. We offer free estimates on any masonry repairs you may in counter.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services are offered at Chimney Cricket. Our cleaning services range from gutter cleaning, furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and chimney cleaning. We also clean brick and smoke stains. Industrial chimney cleaning is also handled swiftly at Chimney Cricket. At our customers request we now offer roof cleaning. Customers complained about pesky discolor on the roof tops, most of this discoloring was from moss and algae build up. Chimney Cricket has a bio-degradable roof cleaning solution for all your roof cleaning needs.

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