Top-Sealing Chimney Dampers from Chimney Cricket

You could be losing $350.00 or more out of your chimney EVERY YEAR without even knowing it! Chimney dampers make a difference.

The main purpose of a chimney damper is to seal the chimney airtight when it is not in use. Heat rises, and if the chimney is not sealed when the fireplace is not in use, all of the heat in the house goes up the chimney. Imagine leaving your door open in the middle of winter!

The standard chimney damper that comes with a chimney is hard to operate, and is buried high up in the throat of the fireplace. Even if you know why you should use it, how to use it, and where it is, it's normally not done because the task is difficult and dirty.

Why Put Up With An Improper Chimney Damper?

Why not realize the possible savings on your fuel bill? Why let your home be cold and drafty? Why make it a chore open the chimney damper just to have a fire or to close it after one?

With “Ice Breaker” top-sealing chimney dampers, Chimney Cricket can change all this in a few minutes.

Easy to use, convenient and clean, Ice Breaker chimney dampers will allow home owners to seal the chimney when their fireplace is not in use without the difficulties experienced before. It will probably pay for itself within the first year thanks to the decrease in your utility bills, not to mention the increase in the comfort level of your home!