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Having a dirty chimney or fireplace for too long can be a dangerous thing... for instance, did you know that a dirty smoke shelf is the number one cause of chimney fires in the USA! Sadly, most chimney companies DON’T even clean the smoke shelf area during a standard cleaning. We’re different, not only do we provide the most thorough chimney cleanings in the business but we also include a FREE 21 point chimney inspection where we use state of the art HD camera technology to detect any potentially harmful damage inside your chimney. Watch the video below to learn how we do our chimney cleanings and what we’re looking for during our inspections:


The 3 types of Chimney Inspections:

Depending on your setup & situation you might require a different type of inspection than usual. Watch the video below to learn about the 3 different types of chimney inspections and which one will work best for you.

Why do you even need a chimney inspection?

Your chimney has a big responsibility. It carries toxic gas out of your home, and while doing its job, it must withstand constant attack by acid, creosote and extreme temperatures for months on end. These conditions cause chimney damage and deterioration, and when that happens, your family’s safety is in question. The risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires become very real.

Take a look at the chimney below...

Look at the picture above... Most people would not see anything wrong with this chimney. But there is more to the story. On the inside, the chimney could be seriously damaged, and not up to safety regulations. Even small damage can lead to toxic gases like carbon monoxide leaks or chimney fires.

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