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Stone and brick porches experience weather-related wear and tear over time. Chimney Cricket specializes in the complete tear out, renovation or restoration of existing brick, stone, block, and fieldstone porches. We place strong emphasis on restoring porches to their original building specifications.

We can repair or create brick steps, precast steps, and poured caps. We can also repair a damaged porch foundation. We offer a superb selection of materials including wood, brick, concrete, stone, and block.

Aside from repair and renovation, we can help you design and create a brand new porch. When it comes to stone porches, Chimney Cricket has the best stonework to get the job done.

Weather can be a damaging factor to masonry porches. Porches are close to the ground or at grade level. Masonry porches absorb moisture from the ground and cause the brick to become saturated. When these saturated bricks freeze, they expand and when they expand, they pop. Brick damage in porches can be sporadic. Some areas can be cut out and fixed while keeping the good areas. Brick and mortar matching is a key factor in porch restoration. Chimney Cricket will help advise you in the proper direction for your porch repair. We strongly recommend a sound company who will be around for years to come. Cement porch caps also may go bad over time. Porch caps endure the cold weather, as well, but also have to deal with the salt and shoveling of snow. Porch caps are formed, poured and finished in the proper fashion at Chimney Cricket.

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