Chimney Services

Chimney Cricket recommends annual chimney sweeps.  It's the same way you would change the oil in your car or have annual maintenance on your home air conditioning unit. 

Chimney Cricket offers a 21-Point Safety Inspection both inside and out. 

When we do a full chimney sweep, we perform the following functions:


  • Clean the flue from top to bottom.
  • Clean the smoke shelf.
  • Clean the damper.
  • Clean the firebox.
  • Full chimney camera inspection to scan for cracks and other issues.
  • Deodorize the chimney.
  • Clean the glass doors.


If your chimney needs to be treated for creosote, there is now a product available for removing glazed creosote.  It is called TSR Third Stage Remover.  Simply stated, this strong effective formula of fine cleaner dissolves baked on resin from masonry, metal and stainless steel surfaces by reducing a hard glazed substance to loose, brushable soot.


Sometimes, it needs more than one application but, the results will leave your chimney 90-100% clean.