Home Safety The Reason for Chimney Liners

Home Safety - The Reason for Chimney Liners

Your chimney has a big responsibility. It carries toxic gas out of your home, and while doing so must withstand constant attack by acid, creosote and extreme temperatures for months on end.

These intense conditions cause chimney damage and deterioration. When these happen the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires become very real.

Most people do not see anything wrong with a chimney from the outside. But there is more to the story. On the inside, the chimney could be seriously damaged, and therefore not up to safety regulations. The flue of your fireplace and furnace could be dangerously deteriorated and have cracked flue tiles, weakened joints or misaligned flues. A chimney liner should be fitted to the flue in order to keep it up to code and working properly.

Stainless steel chimney liners provide an airtight and watertight barrier to seal in harmful gases and creosote. Chimney liners can withstand acidic moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations inside the chimney. They can help prevent life threatening chimney fires, dangerous carbon monoxide leakage and keep your chimney in proper working order.