Historic Building Restoration Contractors Cleveland, OH (800) 355-7668

Historic Building Restoration Contractors Cleveland, OH (800) 355-7668

There are some great Historic Building Restoration Contractors throughout the state of Cleveland, OH and Chimney Cricket is at the top of the list. Our masonry repairs to chimneys and buildings and our carpentry skills throughout the United States has made our reputation great.

Wood, brick and masonry repairs should be done properly so you can improve the resale value and protect your historic treasure. Your property will look better and prevent a wide range of problems such as:

Deterioration or continued deterioration of the masonry due to the freeze-thaw cycle
Prevent water from entering in beyond the normal characteristics of masonry surfaces which can damage the inside of your home or building
Costly structural repairs if not corrected early enough, while strengthening the overall structural integrity of your building’s exterior facade.

Chimney Cricket is a Cleveland, OH premier historic building restoration contractor. Our experienced, skilled, expert carpenters and masons will properly evaluate the condition of your brickwork. We look for weathered, crumbling and loose bricks; voids in brick joints; and weathered, cracked and joint separation of the mortar and more. After a thorough inspection we can recommend a complete solution to repair, restore and rejuvenate your brickwork. We use a variety of time-tested techniques: grinding/removing old mortar joints, spot pointing, tuckpointing, masonry pinning with helifix pins, masonry waterproofing and sealers, for types of repairs and restorations.

Our historic building restoration services of Cleveland, OH are designed to bring back the original beauty of the property and help it last for decades to come. Call us today and see how we can help you restore your historic building - (800) 355-7668
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