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Chimney Cricket’s chimney cleaning services in the Waterford, MI area, ensures you get the comprehensive chimney cleaning service you need for all types of chimneys and venting systems in your home. Chimney Cricket is proud to support a team of CSIA certified chimney professionals. You get expert service at an affordable rate with our many years of experience. You will be confident with Chimney Cricket, that your home is protected from fire, damage, or a loss of use of your chimney.  

In addition to cleaning your chimney, Chimney Cricket offers:

  • Repairs to your Chimney, Flashing, Liner and Damper
  • Damper Installations
  • Chimney Restorations and Rebuilding
  • Rain Cap Installation and Repairs
  • Ventless Fireplace Installation

It’s important to regularly clean and maintain your chimney to avoid problems and expensive repairs. Waterford, MI experiences heavy rains and snow throughout the year. You don’t want your chimney to leak. With each cleaning we thoroughly inspect your chimney to make sure there are no cracks or missing parts that could allow water to get through.

We also check to make sure no birds or animals have decided to make a home in your chimney or vent. You don’t want any air flowing disturbances that will cause smoke to back up into your house.

Chimney Cricket is staffed with expertly trained employees that pride themselves on performing high-quality services.Our swift, high-quality work, extensive experience, and many satisfied customers all attest to the fact that Chimney Cricket is the best chimney service company for homeowners and commercial businesses alike. Please contact us to enlist a Chimney Cricket expert to clean your chimney today.

Chimney Cricket is proud to support a team of CSIA certified chimney professionals in the Waterford, MI area. Our specialists are trained to perform a variety of services including chimney relining, tuckpointing, the installation of fireplace mantels, fireplace damper repairs, ventless fireplace installation, and much more.

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  • Laura Dobrin