Enjoy the Safety of a solid smoke stack.

Enjoy the Safety of a solid smoke stack.

Enjoy the Safety of a solid smoke stack.

Chimney Cricket offers chimney construction, rebuilding, and repair services for residential and commercial properties. We recognize that chimneys can blow over and hurt someone. Because of this danger we will work to perform top notch chimney repair in order to maintain the integrity of your home's chimney.

New chimney construction can help ensure the safety of your household. Your old chimney may be beyond repair, working improperly and endangering your health. Tearing out your old chimney and performing new chimney construction will help prevent chimney fires and dangerous gases from leaking into the house.

Contact the experts at Chimney Cricket for a proper chimney assessment. We will examine your chimney's current state and determine if a new chimney is needed or just repaired. Always remember that brick and mortar matching is our specialty, so you can rest assured that your new or repaired chimney will stay aesthetically pleasing.

Chimney repair is usually caused from the freezing and thawing of ice sickles. When bricks become wet and freeze, they start to expand and causes the brick to pop. Chimneys can have damage sporadically throughout or through the entire chimney stack. Many mistakes happen when in-experienced bricklayers try to rebuild a chimney. A couple common mistakes are:

1) Not going down to a sound level.

2) Not checking to see what is vented out the chimney.

These common mistakes can rake havoc on an innocent homeowner. If you are venting an appliance through a chimney that is not lined, the chimney most assured will fall apart. Be sure to only have Chimney Cricket Certified Chimney Professionals out to insure you’re not making one of these mistakes. We will protect your family and your budget.

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  • Adam Brammer