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Smoke Guards for Your Fireplace

Smoke Guards for Your Fireplace

Smoke guards from Chimney Cricket keep the smoke going UP the chimney.

They also:

  • Prevent Smoke Rollout
  • Are Available In Black or Brass
  • Fit Fireplaces 28 1/2” to 48” Wide
  • Are Spring-Loaded For Easy Installation
  • Have Heat Resistant Adhesive Caulk (Included) - Seals Smoke Guard In Position

When the experts at Chimney Cricket see a fireplace with smoke stains discoloring the face of the firebox, we know the homeowner has a smoke problem, even if they don’t mention it. In most cases, this problem is solved with the installation of a smoke guard. Smoke guards are black finished so they do their job of sending smoke up the chimney instead of into the living space.

Most fireplaces smoke because their opening is too high. Smoke guards lower the fireplace opening and hold in the smoke, correcting the problem. Fireplaces will also smoke for other reasons such as an undersized flue or insufficient air supply. Chimney Cricket professionals will inspect your fireplace and chimney as well as offer customized services to solve your unique smoke situation.

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