Installing Gas Fireplace Logs In Your Home

Installing Gas Fireplace Logs In Your Home

Installing Gas Fireplace Logs In Your Home

Chimney Cricket experts have been installing gas fireplace logs since 1990.

Vented Gas Logs

Vented Gas Logs create a realistic fire, complete with glowing embers simply by striking a match and turning on a valve. Several styles modeled after real logs are available for installation from Chimney Cricket.

Each gas log set comes complete with all the necessary accessories and hardware for natural gas installation. A conversion kit is required for propane installations along with a safety pilot control. It is optional for natural gas but required for all propane installations.

Decorative silica sand, volcanic cinders, dual effect embers, pedestal grate, damper stop and an aluminum connector for installation come with every vented gas log set.

Create the authentic atmosphere of a wood fire with these natural-looking gas logs.

Vent-Free or Ventless Gas Logs

With vent-free or ventless gas logs, wood burning fireplaces can become vent free systems. Vent-free gas logs reduce heating costs by:

1: using about half the fuel of conventional gas logs

2: operating with the damper closed (no heat is lost up the chimney).

Each system uses natural gas and comes with:

  • refractory ceramic logs and ember base
  • high-efficiency burners
  • an oxygen depletion sensor
  • a safety pilot control
  • a spark igniter
  • a pedestal grate
  • grate facing and an adjustable heat control valve.

Sets are available in all sizes ranging from 18” to 72”.

Installing gas fireplace logs in your home will make life easier; No more hauling wood, dirty ashes, and dangerous sparks ever again.

Gas Fireplace Accessories

You can enhance the beauty of your gas log setting with three styles of gas fireplace accessories:

1: ceramic pine cones and a ceramic bark chip kit

2: volcanic cinders

3: vermiculite embers and rock wool embers which renew and restore the original rocks that come with gas log sets.

You can also purchase gas fireplace accessories to keep your logs clean. ACS gas log cleaner is a premium grade anti-carbon spray that will help disperse this buildup when lightly sprayed on the logs. It is nonflammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

In addition to these traditional gas logs, Chimney Cricket offers a great selection of fireplace fire glass. Adding elegant and low-maintenance fire glass can help enhance the look of any fireplace.

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  • Adam Brammer