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Chimney Chase Covers

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Chimney Chase Covers

Chimney Chase Covers help prevent major problems that can lead to costly chimney repairs and can affect your family's health. Old galvanized chimney chase covers rot and leak over time. They are only designed to last for 7 to 9 years, and the water that leaks into your home through the old chimney cover can cause major problems. These include firebox rotting which leads to spark creation as well as heat and carbon monoxide leakage, mold growth, and damaged sheet rock.

A stainless steel chimney chase cover from Chimney Cricket can withstand damage from storms, ice, and heavy snow as well as prevent rain, melting snow and other debris from entering the chase. Each chimney cover is customized to fit your home. A custom fit looks great and means the best protection from moisture and all the problems it causes. Copper chimney chase covers are also available and offer similar advantages with a more decorative look. Contact a professional at Chimney Cricket to have a high quality chimney cover properly fitted to your home.

  • Adam Brammer
The Reason for Chimney Liners - Home Safety

The Reason for Chimney Liners - Home Safety 0

The Reason for Chimney Liners - Home Safety

Stainless steel chimney liners provide an airtight and watertight barrier to seal in harmful gases and creosote. Chimney liners can withstand acidic moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations inside the chimney. They can help prevent life threatening chimney fires, dangerous carbon monoxide leakage and keep your chimney in proper working order.

Your chimney has a big responsibility. It carries toxic gas out of your home, and while doing so must withstand constant attack by acid, creosote and extreme temperatures for months on end.

These intense conditions cause chimney damage and deterioration. When these happen the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires become very real.

Most people do not see anything wrong with a chimney from the outside. But there can be more to the story than meets the eye. On the inside, the chimney could be seriously damaged, and therefore not up to safety regulations. The flue of your fireplace and furnace could be deteriorated to a dangerous level and have cracked flue tiles, weakened joints or misaligned flues. A chimney liner should be fitted to the flue in order to keep it up to code and working properly.

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Standard & Custom Chimney Caps

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Standard & Custom Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are made from a variety of materials. The most common are galvanized, stainless steel and copper. Stainless steel chimney caps and copper chimney caps will last much longer than those made of regular galvanized metal and normally carry an extended warranty. Spending a little extra for a good quality chimney cap will eliminate the danger of rust staining your chimney.

Why do I need a chimney cap?

  • Keeps unwanted moisture from your chimney through rain and snow.
  • Keeps leaves, sticks and other debris out of your chimney.
  • Prevents birds, bats and other animals from entering your chimney.
  • Spark arrestor. During a chimney fire or even a normal burn, a spark arrestor keeps fiery chunks inside and away from potential dangers! (Some states require this feature)

Simple chimney caps offer protection and safety for your home. You can choose a screened or screenless cap, depending on the application. Note that the some states require a screened cap as part of their fire code regulations.

Custom Chimney Caps from EverGuard

It is possible to have a custom chimney cap made just for your home! Every chimney has its own special needs and sometimes that means you need to have a custom cap made.

EverGuard is the only company that is able to create custom chimney caps with a turnaround time of one or two days. These chimney caps are made in the USA and the company has the knowledge and skills it takes to turn any problem into a beautiful solution fast. Chimney Cricket features EverGuard chimney caps because you just can't get the same quality and service anywhere else.

Available Chimney Caps:

  • Round Chimney Caps
    • Stainless steel replacement caps for factory-built fireplaces and chimneys
  • Masonry Chimney Caps
  • Multiple flue stainless steel chimney caps for masonry chimneys.
  • Decorative Chimney Caps
    • Used to prevent water from entering opening between the cap and flue pipe.
  • Wind Beater
    • Prevents wind from blowing down chimney.
  • Air-Insulated
  • Solid Packed
  • Chimney Liner Caps

Why Chimney Caps ?

  • Chimney cap is one of the wisest investments you can make for protection of your most valued possession, your home. The old cliché "You can pay me now or you can pay me later" could never be more true. Most homeowners are not aware of the damage and danger involved without a chimney cap on the fireplace and furnace chimneys. Many cities have ordinances requiring chimney caps and for good reasons. Without a cap to prevent rain from entering the top of your chimney, there is no protection against acid rain.
  • Acid rain will eat away at your mortar causing it to loosen or even crack. Besides being expensive to repair, cracks in your firewall could cause a fire to spread beyond the chimney. This also shortens the life of your damper, because it will cause it to rust out. Most damper replacements cost $300-$600 and requires the old casing to be ripped out.
  • The chimney cap also prevents tree limbs, twigs and leaves from clogging your chimney. If your chimney becomes blocked it could cause fumes to be trapped and enter back into your home. Critters of all sorts, birds, squirrels, and raccoons love to use the chimney to raise their families. They also bring with them fleas and ticks that can infest your home.
  • The cap will also stop dangerous sparks and cinders from escaping into the air. It helps to stop downdrafts by redirecting airflow away from the chimney.
  • Chimney Cricket, Inc. installs the hutch chimney cap. It comes with a 5 year warranty. It is not available in your local hardware store, we buy it directly from the manufacturer. It is not an adjustable cap, (one size fits all). It is a custom cap designed to fit your chimney.
  • Don't wait like most homeowners until you notice chimney damage, a rusty damper or a critter in your chimney. Save your valuable time, money and headaches with some preventive insurance.
  • Ask Your Sweep to install a Chimney Cricket Chimney Cap TODAY!
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Solve Your Chimney Downdraft Problems

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Solve Your Chimney Downdraft Problems

At Chimney Cricket we fix all of your chimney downdraft problems. We have CSIA certified staff that will come to your home and calculate your fireplace unique venting capacity. With these numbers we can then work toward a solution. Many different issues, including negative pressure, could be causing your chimney downdraft problem. We have all the right chimney services to identify and resolve current issues while preventing future chimney downdraft problems.

Downdrafting occurs when wind blows down the chimney and into your home causing it to feel breezy and cold or hot depending on the season. A chimney downdraft can also cause smoke to spill into the room during windy days. A drafty fireplace can be detrimental to your heating and cooling bills, and when smoke is pushed into a room, hazardous to your health as well.

  • Adam Brammer