Chimney Cricket is taking stone work to a new level

Chimney Cricket is taking stone work to a new level

Taking stone work to a new level

Chimney Cricket performs all types of limestone masonry work. Whether you need a repair, renovation or new installation, we can take care of it. Make no mistake; every limestone project needs to be properly assessed by a professional. Cutting corners could have devastating effects in the future, so be sure to make an appointment for an in home assessment.

Because limestone is a composite rock, the elements that are present in it determine its color and texture. If you are looking to repair, replace, or build with limestone it is necessary to find the perfect match for your project.

Limestone is one of the most versatile and porous stones. In its pure form it is hard enough to be used in almost any application, although it is relatively soft compared to other building stones such as marble.

Being a porous stone leaves limestone vulnerable to different types of deterioration. Damage occurs through weathering, the invasive action like plant growth, pollution, and dirt accumulation. Homeowners often like the look of limestone steps or limestone sills, but preventative maintenance is a must. Further damage can occur through erosion, as a result of movement in stone (thermal expansion and contraction), faulty or broken anchors, and even human error in design, engineering or construction. This is why consulting with a professional at Chimney Cricket is extremely important.

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